About Us

Marymass is an incredible 12-day long festival brought to you by Irvine Carters Society and the team here at the Marymass Festival Committee.

Both groups work tirelessly throughout the year to bring you the iconic Marymass Festival we have grown to love over the years.

We’ve brought together some handy information about both groups as well as a little info about our work this year.

Marymass Festival Committee

This small committee of volunteers meet regularly throughout the year to maintain, grow and develop Marymass.

Many of the events and infrastructure you see around Irvine throughout Marymass Festival is organised and hosted by members of the Festival Committee and Irvine Carters Society

Each member of the team brings their own unique experiences, qualities and contacts which helps to develop the festival into the large scale, smooth running event we all know and love.

If you would like to contact our team, drop us an email to contact@marymassfestival.co.uk

Irvine Carters Society

Entering the 21st century, the Irvine Carters Society became the only surviving carters society in the world.

The Carters Society plays a pivotal part in Marymass. From organising the parades to hosting the horse racing at Irvine Moor, Marymass Festival relies on the traditions and commitment the Carters bring.

Both the Carters committee and the wider Society provides an incredible amount of time and man power throughout the year to help make Marymass Festival possible.

For detailed information on Irvine Carters Society, please visit

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