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Be Part of the Festival of Light Parade

This week the Marymass Festival Committee is on a mission to encourage people of all ages to take part in the Festival of Light Parade.

The parade departs Irvine Cross at 9pm on Saturday 17th August and heads along High Street and Kilwinning Road to Irvine Moor for the annual Marymass Fireworks Display.

The parade will this year feature a pipe band as well as a number of floats including the new ‘push-pull’ carts built by Irvine Carters’ Society and donated to local community groups.

Laura Kerr of the Festival Committee said, “So many people are still unaware they can become part of our Festival of Light Parade.

“We love the community aspect of Marymass and would love to see as many people as possible come along, illuminate themselves any way they can and join in.

“It’s a free event and is great fun for the kids. What’s not to love!”

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